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Demand Forecaster
Demand Forecaster
The Demand Forecaster module forecasts demand for inventory for different date-program and date-day-part combinations. Demand Forecaster considers inputs from different sources like forecasted ratings of programs, past demand patterns of clients, events affecting viewership, and sales estimates (Market Intelligence). Demand forecaster can be used to drive sales, set rates and reserve inventory for spot sales.

  1. Forecasts channel revenue
  2. Forecasts advertisement time demand
  3. Provides visualization of price and demand movement
  4. Drives right pricing of programs

Demand Forecaster
  1. Historical demand patterns across genre, sectors, time-bands
  2. Forecasts of demand for inventory on daily and weekly basis for program/ day-parts
  3. Channel revenue forecast
  • Right pricing of programs
  • Identify focusing for sales efforts
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